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20 Most Hilarious Roller Coaster Photos


Marriage Proposal 


Most people are too terrified while riding a roller coaster to think about much besides hanging on for their lives. That’s not the case for these seasoned thrill ride pros who decided to do something special for the camera! Click through all these hilarious roller coaster photos to see all their crazy antics!

If Lindsay didn’t say yes, she’s a jerk. This took some serious effort!

Coaster Monopoly 


Because regular Monopoly is just too boring, these guys invented Extreme Monopoly.

Men in Black 


The Men in Black are checking out an alien sighting on Splash Mountain.

Hold Me, Bro 


Sometimes you need a friend to get through the scariest moments in life.

The Face Peeler 


Nobody told Bob the Top Thrill Dragster went fast enough to peel the skin right off your face!

Animals on Roller Coasters 


What, you thought humans were the only ones who could enjoy a good roller coaster?

Getting Pretty


This family’s staged photo is even more impressive once you know that the Millenium Force travels at speeds of up to 93 miles per hour. Let’s hope that kid’s razor doesn’t have an actual blade in it!

Smash Mountain


Playing Smash Brothers on Splash Mountain? It doesn’t get much more epic than that!

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